Sunday, April 13, 2008

The kitchen

Since our house was built in the 40s, we didn't want to do much updating. We mainly just wanted to get a clean look with fresh paint, new cabinet hardware and new flooring. We are going to leave the stainless steel sink and the aluminum countertops. We painted the walls red quite a while ago and all the trim white.

So far, we've refinished the cabinets. We took off the doors and sanded them down and painted them gray. The cabinets themselves we just freshened up with white paint. I bought some vintage art deco cabinet pulls from ebay that looks awesome. We also took out the tacky faux marble contact paper from the shelves and drawers and relined them with black faux leather contact paper from home depot. I love the way it looks in the cabinet with our glassware.

We plan to do the floors hopefully soon. Chris wants to do black and white linolium.

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Terri said...

OOOH I vote black and white linoleum too. That would look awesome. You are doing a great job with your home.